About us

Success for us means a smile on our customer’s faces and a fulfilling experience in their mind.
The owner/ head chef has extensive knowledge of nearly a decade in various cooking styles and finally puts all that love and passion for food in this little place, Smokey7. We try to source our products locally as much as possible and make most of our products in-house. We do our best to be environment-friendly whenever and wherever possible.

Smokey7 is a small team of creative and passionate hospitality personnel whose focus is not just to deliver the locals of Kingston with delectable food and outstanding service but also to build the place you keep wanting to come back to.
We want to make smokey7 a place for everyone, whether you want a quick coffee, breakfast, house-made pastries, lunch, takeaway or hearty dinner. We are a small space business with an open kitchen where all the action can be seen.

Smokey7 is primarily an Australian cuisine cafe and restaurant that uses modern cooking methods using an authentic charcoal grill. We value our customer feedback and take your concerns to heart. We believe in supporting and giving back to our community. Together we grow.

With great pleasure, we welcome you all to come and give us a try.


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